Monday, April 30, 2012

Being dragged kicking and screaming

Blogger has some new features, a whole lot of them on the back end.  I hate new features.  It's bad enough that the site I used to edit photos was purchased and shut down by Google, but coupled with Blogger, I'm feeling overwhelmed with the unfamiliar ground that change has me standing on.  I still have a Blackberry because I don't want to learn how to use an iPhone. Truth.  It has taken me several hours on Sunday and then a whole lot of hours tonight just to figure out how to change my template.  It's like learning the alphabet all over again.  I used to speak this language, but now? Not at all. That red font of the post title and comments? It's going to have to stay that way until I can figure out how to change the color.  The photo in the masthead? Over an hour to figure out how to crop it and add the text.  I'm not afraid of change, not at all, but I like my tools to work how I'm used to them working.  Darn progress is getting in my way.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I guess I only thought that I had let you know I was taking April off, including the lack of a current masthead.  There's no reason beyond the pull of nature in the springtime.  See you in May.