Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Speck update!

In an email, Speck's adopted Mom tells me, He's really funny! She writes that Speck has a custom built condo in the kitchen that connects to the back doggy door and he has learned to go in and out as he needs/wants. She tells met that he has her back yard mapped out like a pro and that I should see him chase the ball with the other dogs, as he rarely runs into anything. She writes that he is really learning to key in on what's going on around him through sound and smell, and that she just can't tell me enough of how much he has matured and how very smart he is. She writes that he's growing like a weed, eating like a pig and playing like a puppy, and she closes with, he's enjoying his life.

He's turning into a very handsome dog. It makes me smile for this lucky little guy. I bet it makes you smile as well.

Spec laying in the grass small 06222008


maxngabbie said...

Yes, it does:)

Velvet Sacks said...

Reading this just made my day! It must make you feel spectacular to know how much better Speck's life is because someone -- namely you --took the initiative to make it happen. I'm thrilled for Speck and his new mom. He's getting SO big!

CreekHiker said...

Ditto... What Velvet said! This made my day too! Thanks for the update!