Friday, February 12, 2016

Comfort this child

Walking from the parking lot into the restaurant, I did a double take at one of the two women walking towards the door. She looked like Jessie, with her graying hair pulled back neatly and her red jacket over her dress. She walked like Jessie too, a slow but sure pace. I stayed at the door and watched her, smiling. I held the door open for the two women, telling the one that she looked just like my dear friend. She smiled and her smile was bright and beautiful. I told her as much and then said, "You look like my friend. I lost her last year but seeing your smile just now made me so happy and I just had to hold the door open for you." 

She said, "Come here child and let me give you a hug." 

While holding me in her arms she prayed, "Bless this beautiful child Lord, and give comfort to her."

We pulled back from each other and I said, "He just did."

I love people.