Monday, November 23, 2009


No doubt she's dreaming of all the food she can pull off the counter in just a few short days.


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Pony Writer said...

Scout invaded the trash today. She KNOWS how bad that is, so she grabbed the cheese wrapper in her mouth and climbed the stairs to my room where I was working, tail between her legs, head low, eyes blinking a mile a minute. That's how you know she just did something bad .... she blinks and blinks as if to say, "Please don't beat me!" So I took the crinkly sounding cheese wrapper and stuck it under her collar to take a picture of her to send the boys. Well, I didn't really think she would get what I was doing, but the poor thing walked around my room once, then lay at my feet looking at me as if I had branded her with the scarlet letter. I only stuffed it in there to take a picture because she was so funny about ratting herself out to me, but now I feel so guilty I have given her treats all afternoon and let her sleep on my bed during the thunderstorm. I'm such a sucker. She probably had that planned all along. :-)