Thursday, March 04, 2010


I'm a big dog girl.  I grew up under the influence of a father who believed that if a dog wasn't over 50 pounds, well, it wasn't a dog.  The dogs in my childhood were sporting dogs, Pointers and Labradors. Through that exposure, I've been a bit biased to big breeds, sporting breeds, the sort of dogs that don't do anything small. They jump on your lap and your entire lungs empty and your knees buckle from the sudden weight.  They lick your hand and you have to grab a paper towel to dry off.  They snore and drool and flop themselves so hard on your livingroom floor that you could swear the house shook.

I have held that sort of partiality for large dogs most of my life.  But then, years ago, I met some Yorkies.  Some yap yap yap Yorkies.  I resisted, oh I resisted.  But if you've had any exposure at all to Yorkies, well then you know that my resistance was futile.  I have in my life three little friends (one who will never ever sit still long enough for me to take her picture) and I love them.  Oh, I love them.  They have their own personalities and voices and quirks and even smiles that I recognize.  They scurry and circle and love to be held on your lap.  Zoe is all about having her tiny belly rubbed.  It's no wonder they are second in popularity only to Labradors in Houston. 

Meet my friends:

This is Preston. He is large and cuddly. He's a little circus bear.  He dances for treats and he steals treats from his older brother, given the chance. He also barks, I love you.


This is Zachary. He's tiny and sweet and at night, he sleeps on my friend's head. His bark is dusty, short and loud, his appetite peculiar. His kisses are constant and stinky, but devoted and perfect.


This is Zach and Preston.  As this photo was taken, their sister, the ever camera-shy Zoe, was inside the house on her bed gnawing on the stash of treats she horded throughout the day.  But these two, her brothers, they are on my friend's lap and happily loving the sunshine and attention. 


Whenever I'm around these dogs, they make my heart go all soft and happy.  They make my voice giggle and my face smile.  Please don't tell Cheyenne, but I am experiencing a serious case of Yorkie love.


CreekHiker said...

I grew up the same as you... big dogs rule! But my heart has been stolen by a chihuahua of all things. I met her on her adoption day... she had pneumonia and I think the shelter sent her home with my friend to die in someone's arms. She was so sick...wheezing and snorting mucus. I met them at the pet store to hold the pup so my friend could buy little dog stuff (she's a big dog person too). I held that little girl in my arms and kept willing her to live. I told her how she'd hit the doggie lottery but that she HAD to get well. And she DID! It's two years later and her mom has written a book about her and that tiny little girl and I are nuts about each other. Both of us wiggle when we see each other! I can't explain the bond I feel with her but...oh! it's there!

Terry's Girl said...

Cheyenne is not an only dog?! I was surprised to read this.
How special tough, good on you for opening your heart and mind to go outside of yur comfort zone, :o)

ghost said...

i used to have a yorkie that weighed about five pounds. i called him the keebler elf. second best dog i ever owned.

Anonymous said...

my canine cousins! <3
xo janelle