Monday, April 12, 2010

Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings

These are a few of my favorite things:

- The bright new greens of Spring:

Cabin April 10 001

- This outcrop of trees at this curve in this path:

Cabin April 10 054

- Great light

- The low and wide spread of Live Oak Tree branches

- Sitting on a blanket in the grass and listening to the wind rustle through Sycamore tree leaves way above my head

- Taking the long way

- A little bit of crazy:

Cabin April 10 050

- Wide aperture photographs:

Cabin April 10 033

- Waking up with the sun

- This cabin:

Cabin April 10 007

- Listening to small town Texas country radio on a Sunday morning

- Filling bird feeders

- Lightening bugs

- Morning walks with Cheyenne

- The Sunday paper, hot coffee and a long stretch of time to savor both

- Clouds that seem to be spun from the rising sun

- This tree:

Cabin April 10 052

- Walking barefoot through thick clover

- Dinner invitations and hamburgers on the grill

- Sleeping with the windows open

- Yellow:

Cabin April 10 012

- Empty bird nests

- Watching the Colorado River flow silently past where I sit

- AC off, front and back doors open, no bugs

- The distant and low call of a cow

- Pinwheels and this face:


* This list is completely influenced by the past two days spent in a state of bliss at our cabin.


Velvet Sacks said...

Viewing these photos is like taking a deep breath of fresh air. Thanks for the mini-vacation.

ghost said...

i think your "cabin" is bigger than my house.

Duly Inspired said...
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