Friday, June 18, 2010

A little bit of this, a little bit of that and, oh yeah, THIS

A few things I do not like:
  • When someone says they will call you right back, and they do not.
  • When it's time to go to bed and I cannot sleep because I cannot shut down my mind, and it's not as if I can't order myself to go to sleep.
  • Consequently, being tired all day because I couldn't sleep the night before.
  • How I've let my car turn into a junk drawer as of late:  notepads, pens, measuring tape, two books, various bits of mail and paperwork are all over the front and back seats.
  • Making big decisions by myself (I know, I know, grow up already).
 A few things I do like:
  • The opening notes of "Kashmir."
  • My friend Kelly's laughter.
  • Mantles.
  • The clicking sound of Cheyenne's nails on hardwood floors.
  • Handwritten letters.
Lastly, something that is currently making me very, very happy:  Yesterday, my offer was accepted on this house.  It's my dream home.



Velvet Sacks said...

Oh, Alison, the house is GORGEOUS!! It looks like a modern-day "painted lady," reminiscent of the beautiful victorian homes in San Francisco or Eureka Springs, but with a little less fussy "gingerbread." What a pleasure it will be for you to come home to such a beautiful place. Congratulations!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Ditto! What Velvet said!!! Congrats! This is HUGE!

ghost said...

wow! congratulations.