Monday, August 30, 2010

Dear Weekend

Dear Weekend,

Thank you for rolling out your Saturday and Sunday in a soft green grass carpet of open time, relatively cool morning temperatures and forgiving afternoon temps, for your breezes through the Sycamore leaves, for your bugs and armadillos and raccoons.  Thank you for letting my friends and I fill you as we wished, whether that was Scrabble, homework, reading, doing crossword puzzles, watching a movie, building a log cabin, climbing a tree, swimming, taking a nap, flying a kite, cooking, sitting on a blanket and looking for Mars, going to bed late or going to bed early. 

You're the best,

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Velvet Sacks said...

There's so much beauty in this photo, and in your words as well. Thank you.

stephanie caraway said...

Aaaahhhh..."in a soft green grass carpet of open time". Beatiful words, wonderful weekend. Love the pics!!

ghost said...

my letter would have read a bit differently, but still a love letter, without a doubt.

ts said...

Your words are more beautiful than
your pictures! however, comma, they are gorgeous. thank you for
sharing as it has made my day better! miss ya, al.....