Saturday, December 17, 2011


Do you remember the summer?  How hot it was?  How dry it was? I do. I feel that for those of us who live in Houston, where there was no rain for months on end and way too many days in a row that read triple digits on the thermometer, there should be a badge.  Something like the boyscout's patches, but ours would say, I survived Summer Twenty Eleven ~ In the air-conditioned capitol of the world. It could arrive by the way of discount in our electricity bills.

It's been the opposite lately, weather wise.  We've been swinging back and forth in a temperature range between the 40s and 70s. A range like that? I file that under the letter "T" for Thank goodness.

It seems that all that heat we suffered through just a few months ago has been all but forgotten. Nature is full of wonder, isn't she?  Now, our city is dotted with the Fall colors of reds and golds and yellows in our trees. Trees all over the city are glowing with color.  Houston in December is looking very much like Vermont did in October.  It's as if Mother Nature is sending us an apology.

Okay, Mother Nature, apology accepted.

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Linda@VS said...

Wow! These are gorgeous!