Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Raise the flag

One of the appreciations my father passed on to me is that of flying the flag. That man respected the US flag and he flew it proudly from a flag post on the front of every house we called home.  He flew the Texas flag too.  He had Olympic flags, US Equestrian Team flags, nautical flags, and all sorts of colorful wind socks in his collection. 

If my mother would have let him, I think he would have flown every sort of flag and wind sock that caught his eye. On the Fourth of July holiday weekends spent at the family cabin, he would just go ahead and do that. Oh the sound of all those flags whirling and whipping in the wind or lazily flapping atop the breeze. I would stand on that porch, close my eyes and just drink that sound. Such a beautiful sound!

Happy 4th of July to all those proud flag flyers out there.

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Jay Leatherwood said...

His generation gave more than any other ever has for what that flag says..... WW2, Korea and Vietnam were all part of their lives as well as the depression, the cold war, and our trips to the moon. Theirs was "The Greatest Generation" and our country led every one of those events that he was a part of. Here's to them (raising a toast) and here's to the Flag they flew that represented all that and more!