Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Look at this, first full week in August and I'm still on my birthday.

About Cozumel.  I'm going to let these photos be the thousand words of my trip but I will say one thing.  On my birthday, sometime in the full sun of the afternoon, I was sitting on the sandy cliff of a bar/restaurant on the less developed side of the island, beneath a green Dos XX umbrella, squeezing myself beneath the shade it provided, an ice cold Dos XX and a giant glass of ice water before me.  Today is my birthday, I thought.  And then... and then... from the place's sound system, Bob's Seger's Travelin' Man entered my ears.  Up with the sun, gone with the wind...  That moment?  That singular moment?  The best part of my special day.

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Linda@VS said...

Gorgeous photos! So glad you celebrated in style.