Monday, December 31, 2012


I love a freshly made bed. I love the cool underside of the pillow. I love the look in people's eyes when they are in love. I love the quiet of winter nights and I love the burst of bright green when the trees awake in the spring. I love when a song makes me close my eyes and drift into a memory made long ago. I love the way Cheyenne thumps her tail against the floor when she wakes up and sees me. I love greeting the sunrise. I love the buzz of Cicadas on a warm summer evening. I love the smell of Gain. I love laughing so hard that tears fall from my eyes.

I love familiarity and I love new beginnings.

Honesty is just too beautiful to put into words.

 ~ The best to you in 2013. I hope you get more of what you love.

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Linda@VS said...

And I love the kindness in your heart and the way you string words together into beautiful thoughts and images. Happy New Year, Alison.