Saturday, January 04, 2014

For the dogs

It's funny how dogs recognize the difference between when you're packing to go somewhere without them and the times they get to go with you. Before I had even opened the pantry to pack her food, Dixie knew she was going with me. She may not have known that she was going to the cabin for New Year's Eve, but did know she was going somewhere.  She was all tail wags and running from room to room, jumping on my bed, jumping back off and high-tailing it in circles around the bedroom. Silly Dixie.

On the drive to the cabin, we made a quick stop at a local restaurant to pick up chips to go with the queso we planned to make but somehow never did. Before I opened the door to the restaurant, I turned back and looked at the car to see Josie and Dixie excitedly looking out the car window. At least I think the look on Josie's face was excited. The more I look at the photo I snapped though, the more I think that if she could speak, she'd be asking, "How much longer until we get there?"

We finally did get there and two days later when we got home, they were blissfully worn out. I love that for them, that I can bring them to a place to explore and sniff and roll around in the grass and play, where they can either freak out at (Josie) or chase (Dixie) armadillos and discover scents on the breeze and turn their heads in wonder. These two definitely had a happy new year.


Linda@VS said...

That top photo belongs on a magazine cover; I LOVE it! The smile on Dixie's face is priceless, and I think you've pegged Josie's thoughts exactly.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

They do look blissfully happy!! Beautiful pics / gorgeous dogs!!