Thursday, February 19, 2009

Company is here!

The friend who I met in college when my boyfriend was cheating on me with her, and hiding me from her as well, so that we were left to figure out each other’s existence, and ended up keeping each other and dumping him and being friends to this day, which, ahem, is more than a few years. The friend who reminds me of Dandelions and Gin and Tonics (yes, together), who reminds me of the Smiths, One Thousand Mexicans and Front 242, the one who can dance to World Destruction better than anyone I know, the one who bought the best sweaters at Salvation Army, the friend who was the only one able to put a smile on my face when days got dark for me my senior year in college, the friend who still to this day collects silly, curious and colorful things as bright as her personality. The friend whose life forever changed when Shelly died and who shared her broken heart with me and mine, who will still talk with me about her, and who is as surprised as I am that there was ever really a time before either of us knew her. The friend who loves chocolate, and I mean in such a way that she always has to have a supply. The friend who has the cutest pert nose in the world, and I’m not kidding. The friend who introduced me to Elvis Costello and Interview Magazine when Andy Warhol was still at the helm (that should tell you we've known each other a long time), well, she emailed last night that she's decided to visit in March. I’ve been after her for some time to come see me but I had to dangle an Elvis Costello concert in front of her for her to move into action. Yeah, that was all the bait necessary. I'm already so excited I can't stand it. Good times in the future!

I originally posted the above paragraph the last week of January, 2005, under the title, Company's coming. I was excited because my friend was coming to town and we had big plans, plans that involved silliness and time and Elvis Costello. But life got in the way of those plans. Dad died, I got very sick, she had some struggles, and as I said, life got in the way of our plans.

It was all the way up until last night before we were able see each other. But last night we did, because she is here, right here in Houston. Seeing her, spending time with her and drinking champagne with her, it was as if the past twenty years hadn't passed at all. Except for the fact that we've weathered the storms and earned the laughter. That, and we could afford the bill.

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ghost said...

that is life, right there. anybody asks, you tell them that.