Thursday, October 01, 2009

Turning the page

Do you love October? I do. Each year, I look forward to turning the calendar page and seeing the date, October 1st. October reminds me that it doesn't take much to please me. October brings simple things to the front for me. One elusive goal after another lately has made me hurry by some beautiful things, I'm sure. But October reminds me to stand still once and again and observe the world around me. The leaves consider change, a bright cluster of mums is placed on a neighbor's porch, an owl calls out to another in the evening.

Much is required of us because to give and receive is the order of life. And that has been particularly true of my life lately. But it is the quiet, timeless, natural activity that October ushers in the calm, that rests me and puts a glow on my face. Everything is not duty, I am reminded. Much is reward, rewards I don't remember earning but that are everywhere around me nonetheless. October reminds me to slow down and enjoy those rewards.

I want you to slow down and recognize those rewards too.


ghost said...

im a big fan of the fall.

maxngabbie said...

well said alison.

Cheekey said...

October has always been my most favorite month.