Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I remember as a child, I was fascinated by echoes.  I loved to yell HELLO at the top of my lungs and hear my word travel across the lake from our hill country house and bounce along the limestone hills in slowly decreasing volume and increasing distance.  The echo was my first awareness of the law of give and take, of getting back what we put out.  What we say, how we treat others, how we omit or stretch the truth, and how we set out to support or deny the character of another, these things and more have everything to do with our own well being.  We cannot be too careful about what we send out.  Our words, our actions, can be cleansing or toxic not only in the lives of others, but to our own lives as well.   

It's something to think about, the law of echoes.


ghost said...

but its kinda sad that the echo is only a pale reflection of what we put out.

Duly Inspired said...

Ghost - Perhaps immediately, but I don't believe that to be true in the long-run.

Stan said...

wonderful thoughts....I like that....what we put out and take in is us......great stuff