Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Off the top of my head, a few things that are making me happy

1.  I'm less than a day away from a Caribbean vacation with my nephew.

2.  Packing for a Caribbean vacation when it's 27 degrees outside where I live is an amusing mental exercise. While I'm folding shorts and t-shirts and placing them in my suitcase, a part of me is tapping her prissy librarian shoes, thinking, Well we're not very smart are we?  Shorts?  You're going to freeze your butt off.  Even though I know it will be 81 degrees at our destination, it's hard to grasp that when it's so darned cold right here, right now. 

3.  Speaking of cold, this new house of mine has a fireplace.  I've always wanted a fireplace but since I live in Houston, I've viewed them as more decorative than useful.  Until this Winter, that is. There's been a fire in the fireplace more days than not in the past month and I have loved every minute of its warmth and light.

4.  This afternoon, I'm treating myself to a manicure and pedicure.  I love the indulgence of getting a pedicure in the dead of winter. 

5.  Yesterday my nephew told me that it kinda sucks that we won't be here when it snows in Houston on Friday.  I replied that it doesn't at all suck that on Friday, when it's snowing in Houston, we'll be sitting on a beach drinking Dos XX.  He liked my perspective on the day a bit better than his own.


CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Oh wow! you have fun!!!

ghost said...

am jealous. take me with you?

Anonymous said...

Fireplaces are the best part of a house. I vote for one in every room.