Friday, March 18, 2011


Yesterday, my sister and her boyfriend drove to Houston from their home in Austin for an appointment with my sister's doctor. That doctor's office is just a couple blocks from where I live, which is pretty convenient and also kind of a weird coincidence for a city the size of Houston. In light of that convenience, we decided that they would come over to my house for a visit before her appointment.

And then her son, my nephew, came over. And his girlfriend. And their baby girl.

And we ate pizza together, a family lunch on a random Thursday afternoon.

My camera's memory card was stuck in my computer so I didn't get any pictures. But I don't really mind not having any pictures from yesterday because sometimes my camera gets in the way of my enjoyment since I'm so busy shooting the moment rather than being in the moment. 

It was lovely to have them all here in my home, and it was lovely for me to be here as well.


Linda@VS said...

I'm glad you had these nice moments together to tuck into your memory bank.

ghost said...

theres few things better than a god family get together.