Thursday, June 02, 2011

Long hot happy weekend, Day 3

On Sunday afternoon, we packed two cars with four dogs, four people, one baby, one canopy and a cooler of beer, water, chicken salad, chips and fruit, and we drove to the same spot where I had taken Cheyenne the day before. We parked in a suspect place, and lugged our goods through the park only to find that other people had decided on the very same spot. And they didn't seem very happy to see us. And they definitely weren't happy to see and experience our four dogs frolicking about in the water, even though they had a dog doing the very same.


We didn't stay there long. Instead, we piled all that stuff and dogs and people back into the two cars and drove back to our house. I had bought a pool to use there so we decided to fill that thing up and enjoy ourselves without the attitude of others.

It was the right decision. 




Cheyenne even learned to share!


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Anonymous said...

I think both residents of that pool liked your idea better than the first. That's an adorable, frameable picture of them!