Friday, September 16, 2011

Show and Tell

So, yeah, where were we?  Right, my house. It got wet, very wet. I learned a little something: it doesn't take much water to create a whole bunch of soggy damage. I think that when your house has water damage in the ceilings, floors and walls, that one thing and one thing only will get you to sleep at night. That thing? Good insurance. (In my case, thanks to my father's serving his country in the Navy, I have USAA. Thank you, Dad!).

Last Friday, packers and movers from the restoration company ascended upon my house early in the morning. 

My dining room looked like this.


And my living room looked like this.


My driveway was a wrapping-to-loading triage point.


At about 5:00 that afternoon, this was my living room.


It's funny, isn't it?  There's no damage in my living room.  But my house is considered an open plan, so since the damage in the dining room ceiling and walls faced my living room to one side and the kitchen on the other, everything got a fresh coat of paint. Both upstairs bathrooms got re-painted as well.  The hardwood floors downstairs are contiguous so, once the damaged boards were replaced, the entire downstairs was sanded. That took place yesterday.

During the week, a whole lot of work went down at my address.



And here's where we are today.


And my formerly clean and serene front porch? 


Even though everything is a big dusty, dirty mess at the moment, I'm pretty amazed that in four week's time, my house has gone from a wet soggy mess to more than halfway through a near total makeover.  Again, good insurance is a very, very good thing to have.

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad things are starting to get back to normal for you!