Monday, November 07, 2005

What I like to hear

Her: We could book it on Saturday but it's such an early hour and it makes for a really long day.

Me: Not a problem really. I don't mind getting up early. I'm just glad that you want to come with me.

Her: Actually, might be best to go Friday afternoon. We could have the afternoon and night, and then all day Saturday. I know a great hotel, not five star but nice. It's centrally located and comfy and really you don't need much else, do you?

Me: Sounds great.

We go over some other items on the list and plan to talk again on Wednesday.

Five minutes pass. She calls back.

Her: Right, I went ahead and booked the train and hotel. Might as well. We'll work Friday morning at mine, catch the train from Waterloo and we'll be in Paris by 2:00. We'll drop our stuff at the hotel and be on our way. I know a fab bar nearby. Really pricey but then around the corner from that is a fantastic brasserie that's not at all pricey. You'll love it. I booked our return on the six o'clock, so we have all day Saturday as well.

The her in this story? My boss.

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