Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday morning, something different

On Saturday I got on a plane that took me to the doorstep of something important that I will do next week on behalf of someone I love. The doorstep is New Jersey where my good friend Shannon picked me up from the airport and where I spent last night in the company of her family and the energy of her three- and seven-year old boys. This means that not only are they of the ages where it's critical that they show me everything they have or that I watch them do everything they can do, but they try to outdo each other and ultimately either erupt in giggles or disintegrate into tears (the three-year old, bless him). The oldest one has pegged a southern accent I did not know I had, comparing me to the truck in the movie Cars, and even imitating me by saying, Dad gum. Something I never say, by the way, but to his sensitively tuned ears, I apparently talk like an animated wrecker truck.

This morning I set out at dawn for my standard morning walk, though there was nothing standard about my views. Let me tell you, this state is glorious in the springtime. My entire walk was saturated with the whites, creamy pinks and bright pinks of the flowering Dogwood trees, and the bright purple of the Redbud trees. I was surprised to also discover Canadian Geese and a foursome of deer, though they were not as delighted as I. It was an awesome way to start my day.

New Jersey 014 New Jersey 018 New Jersey 023 New Jersey 008 New Jersey 032 New Jersey 031


CreekHiker said...

What a wonderful morning! Thanks for sharing!

ghost said...

i didnt realize new jersey was so gorgeous.

Adam said...

How random that you post this one when I just heard a song that I wanted to share with you because it reminded me of you. It reminds me of your writing...and your photography. Its a song by The Infamous Stringdusters called "3 x 5."

Anonymous said...

South Jersey- not so gorgeous. But northern NJ is quite rural (away from NYC), with rolling horse farms and beautiful foliage. Alison has now visited us here in each of the 4 seasons!