Thursday, May 01, 2008

This is where I ask for your help


Update, 1:00 p.m.: A friend of a friend of a friend... you know how it goes and it's exactly what I was hoping for. It looks as if Speck is going to be adopted by one of only two people in Texas who adopts and places handicapped puppies. As Speck is an Aussie, she has a weak spot for him. She has four Aussies, two are blind and the other two are deaf. She's going to meet Speck a week from Saturday. I think we're in the clear. I'll let you know the story as it develops. Thank you.

His name is Speck. He's a 16-week old Australian Shepherd. Speck was born blind, but doesn't seem to know it. He's playful and happy, and follows the sound of your footsteps and your voice. He loves to be picked up and have his belly rubbed. Speck has a home right now but his owner, my neighbor, does not want him. Speck lives outside in a pen and is not getting the attention that he needs. The neighbor wants to have Speck put to sleep. Where I come in is I've asked the neighbor not to do that, told him that I would find a home for Speck. If you've ever read Charlotte's Web, then you understand that this little Speck could be Wilbur, that you just can't put an animal to sleep because it's different. I would keep Speck but Cheyenne does not tolerate him and my townhouse is three stories.

Where do you come in? I'm asking you to reach out as far as you can, link to this post or copy these photos and ask your readers and your friends to also spread the word. What we're doing is looking for a loving, caring home for Speck. I will deliver him. Please, won't you help me find Speck a home?



ghost said...

i'll see what i can do to help speck.

Velvet Sacks said...

Alison, I've been waiting on pins and needles for you to publish a photo of this sweet pup, but today I got busy and just now discovered you'd posted. Am I reading your update correctly, that it's no longer necessary for us to put his photo and story on our sites? If so, that's wonderful news. But if that changes, please let us know.

P.S. He's beautiful!

maxngabbie said...

I somehow knew the help you were asking for was for a dog;) Bless your heart, situations like this need people like you to step in. I hope all turns out well.
That is one hip looking pup!

Life at Star's Rest said...

I'm so glad to hear Speck has a place to go. I used to know someone in Texas who had six deaf, blind, or deaf and blind aussies. With the right care and management, they certainly had no problems living a good life. Please let us know if it all works out for Speck. Carmon

ghost said...

ive got a hand full of peeps interested hitting me up for more details. several are just waiting on the "yes" from their significant others.

CreekHiker said...

Oh, Allison, your heart is as big as an ocean! Bless you! Glad he found a home!