Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I hope it doesn't go to her head

About a year ago I submitted to Bark magazine a photo of Cheyenne with a big silly grin on her face. Bark has a feature called Smiling Dogs and I thought that photo would be a shoe-in for those pages. And then I forgot about it because I did not hear back from them and figured that they did not agree with my thinking.

Until last night when I received this email from them:

I am happy to let you know that your smiling dog will be featured in the next Bark (Sept/Oct 08 issue 50)—we are about to go to press with this issue and it will be out around Sept 20. Thanks so much for sharing your charming photo with us. We also would like to extend you a complimentary subscription; if you are a subscriber, your subscription will be renewed.

How cool is that?


CreekHiker said...

Oh how exciting. I LOVE Bark. It's a must for any dog lover! And now that Cheyenne is featured... that's just wonderful.

I think I misspelled your name again on your birthday... It's not out of spite... just too many friends with the same sounding name spelled a myriad of ways. I'll learn it one day! Sorry!

Network Geek said...

Hey, cool!
I try to get pictures of my dog smiling, but she goes all perky and inquisitive when she sees the camera. Ham.

Velvet Sacks said...

It's always been obvious to your readers that Cheyenne has star quality, so I'm glad she's getting the attention she deserves. I hope you'll have your camera ready when she starts wearing dark sunglasses and feather boas.


Life at Star's Rest said...

That is very, VERY cool! Congratulations to you both! Carmon