Wednesday, July 02, 2008

In a snit

My office is a little too close to the kitchen for my liking. It's not that I suffer foul smells emanating my way, thankfully, but I do suffer the microwave beeps signalling a forgotten lunch is now ready. The microwave will beep incessantly until you open the microwave door. One woman whose office is four offices away from the kitchen microwaves her lunch each day. She places her tray in the microwave, sets the timer, hits START, and then returns to her office and completely forgets that she's hungry. Today, as yesterday and Monday, I got up from what I was doing, went into the kitchen to open the door so that I could do my work without the beep that was crawling through my ears and down my nerves and up my spine to the point of making me want to do bad things to good people. Where today differs is that about half an hour after I stopped the beeping AGAIN, I wanted to warm up my coffee so I opened the microwave door and GUESS WHAT? Her lunch was still there. So, I removed the lunch, put my coffee in and heated it up. And wouldn't you know it, here she comes.

Me: I pulled your lunch out. It was done.

Her: No, it's only half done but that's okay.

Me: Oh, I thought it was done, the microwave was flashing E-N-D. [True, but THAT was 30 minutes ago when I opened the damn door to shut the damn thing up.]

Her: No, I have to take the cellophane off and heat it another two minutes. I don't mind that you took it out to heat your coffee though.

She doesn't mind? After lunch being 30 minutes in the microwave, she doesn't mind.

Me: [!!!!!]

Now, right now, the beep is going off. Why? Because she returned to her office and again has forgotten and here I go to open the damn microwave door so that I can get some quiet around here.

It's the little things.


maxngabbie said...

Ooops, I set my coffee mug right on top of your lunch and it tipped over, I'm so sorry your lunch is ruined. My bad ;^)

CreekHiker said...

My own mircrowave beeps like that... most of the time. I can't understand why it beeps incessantly sometimes and others it only beeps once. The incessant beeping drives me nuts to the point where I've slammed the door so hard the air vent broke!

I think it drove Maggie (my previous dog) nuts too! When the beeping started, she would come find me. Of course, she could've just wanted food...

Velvet Sacks said...

If her office is too far away to hear the beeping, she may not realize how distracting it is. Maybe you should just tell her politely that the incessant beeping disturbs you. If it continues to happen, that means she doesn't care that she's being inconsiderate, in which case you'd be perfectly within your right to ring her extension and call it to her attention each time it happens.

You're right; it's the little things.

ghost said...

it is the little things...that get people kneecapped in the parking garage. in the dark. alone.