Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's about time

Oh, hello! Remember me? I have a blog and I used to write every day but something happened lately and I haven't been around here much. I think what happened is called Summer. And I'm all about this summer and I want to give it loads of attention but the normal demands -- work, house, family, reading every book I can get my hands on that was written by or about a rock musician -- are all about me and they are wanting my attention as well. This little site has been neglected through it all.

But right now I'm grabbing five minutes to share with you my Fourth of July.

Motley Crue had a hit a while back, Girls Girls Girls, and since I'm reading Tommyland by Tommy Lee, I now know that it's a popular anthem at strip clubs across the country. If there were a theme song to my Fourth of July weekend, it would be Dogs Dogs Dogs. I spent the holiday at my family's cabin on the Colorado River, and I invited friends. And their dogs. Cheyenne was there, of course, as was her strappingly handsome boyfriend, Isaac. He's Sir Isaacson to me, but sometimes, bless him, he can also be found answering to Isaac Sue or Isaac Soup. Isaac's neighbor and Cheyenne's friend, Abby was also there. Sometimes she answers to Flabby. All Labradors. Joining them were two pugs, Max and Kate. Or Old Man River or Maximilian, and Katie Kate Kate, as they were called most of the weekend. Five dogs, five happy, dancing, hopping, playing, exploring, swimming, lovable, loving, and amazingly well-behaved dogs. Did I mention exploring? And playing? And swimming? Okay, good. So you must also know that Monday (and Tuesday in my household) was all about napping and snoring and moving slowly. Then again, my Monday was like that as well.

Cabin 4th of July 004 Cabin 4th of July 086 Cabin 4th of July 057

Have I showed you the cabin? I'm sure I have. But I want to show you again, okay? Because I love the cabin and I love being there. My parents built decades of memories into this place and spending time there is like spending time with them, if I could. Just like time spent with them, when I'm at the cabin, I'm filled with love, awe, and appreciation for what surrounds me.

Cabin 4th of July 002 Cabin 4th of July 019 Cabin 4th of July 039


Adam said...

Few things are more American than long weekends, good friends and dogs. Happy 4th...a week late.

Anonymous said...

where's Abby's picture?