Friday, September 12, 2008


Batteries? Check
Flashlight? Check
Bottled Water? Check
Dog food? Check

I am spending the day and night and, quite possibly, but who really knows, more time here at my friend's house where there is a lot of food (brisket, fish, shrimp, pork), coolers and coolers of ice, generators and a group of great people who I've known for years and years and years and, of course, our great dogs. My car is on high ground. I have my parents' ashes with me. I have my cameras with me. I think I've done everything I can do to be ready for this.

If you are in Ike's path, take care and be safe. If you are not, we are accepting all prayers and positive thought.


maxngabbie said...

Sounds like you have everything you need. Stay safe, and enjoy yourself, while with good friends, and dogs. It will make for an interesting story when you can return.

Life at Star's Rest said...

Many prayers for everyone in danger. Carmon

Velvet Sacks said...

Alison, all you can do is prepare, pray and hope for the best. My sister and her family from Orange County are safe here with me, and we've heard from my brother who lives in Clear Lake that he's okay.

I'm thinking of you today and sending prayers. Stay safe and update as soon as you're able.

ghost said...

we were but it blew out and was nothing but rain and wind by the time it got to us.

i hope you are safe and well, my friend.