Tuesday, September 23, 2008

She who speaks the truth

About an hour ago, I stood outside the front doors of the restaurant where my friends and I had just finished dinner. Valet ticket in hand, I looked left and right for the absent attendant. I noticed him parking a car as I turned around to the couple walking out the doors. I recognized her immediately.

There were very few people my mother didn't like, but this woman was one of them. Mom could be a harsh critic and truth be told there were many who did not meet her standards, but not many who she truly did not like. This woman was a member of that small group. And she earned her spot. She underhandedly cheated my mother out of many clients. Suffice to say, my mother's ethics were of an entirely different sort than this woman's were. By association, I never really liked her either and many times felt enormous levels of anger towards her when mother would come home defeated because she just would not, could not, conduct business with such questionable morals. Mom could not win against this woman's youth and tactics, and year after year she accepted the spot as Houston's the top real estate agency's number two agent.

I quickly turned my head back to the cars moving along the street across the parking lot.

That's Betty Groth's daughter, I heard the woman behind me tell her companion.

You should say hello to her, he replied.

Oh no, I heard her say, hesitation in her voice, her mother always hated me.

Hearing that, how could I not smile?


CreekHiker said...

We're smiling with you.

ghost said...

i love a good blood feud.