Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend update

Have you ever had the kind of Saturday where you have no plans, where you open the windows to the morning sun, breathe in the fresh air and tell the day to take you where it may? Saturday was like that for me. It was a Saturday that I hugged and tickled and laughed my way through its hours. Cheyenne got whipped cream from Starbucks and we had hours in the sun at a restaurant that allows dogs on the patio. We went to the feed and antique store and loaded up on bones and chewies. I got my car cleaned from head to toe, or luggage rack to tire as it were. Network Geek met me at my house and worked for two hours to fix my computer / internet connection and amazingly he got it working. It was great to meet him as we've read each other's sites and supported each other through different challenges we've faced, but never met in person. Connections brought through this site always bring me an interesting form of satisfaction. Then I was back out in the day again, meeting several of my friend's and their dogs on the patio of a spot across the street. The dogs ran, chased, fetched and generally stole the show until the sun set down on us all and with that, the temp got too gold and it was time to call it a day. What a day it was.

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CreekHiker said...

I've never thought of getting Mabel a whipped cream at Starbucks! But I do get her an extra meat patty at In N Out Burger!

What a fun day. I'm having one of those today and nap time with the pup is calling...