Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chilly English Saturday evening

Right, so I finally fell asleep around 9:00 Saturday morning and had a solid two hours before there I went, I was awake again. Not much to do, really, but face the music, put on my slippers and pour a cup of coffee. And change the plans of the day so that I was not finding myself strolling round Brighton in the late afternoon with droopy eyelids and dreading the long train ride back. So, a couple of apologetic texts to my very understanding Personal Hurricane and another cup of coffee, and I assessed the day. A walk was in order. A good long stroll in the grey day and chilly air, a bit of discovery along the city streets and throught the park. I needed to stay awake so that I could sleep through the night tonight and I need to sleep through the night because we have an early train to Brugge, Belgium. And while I'm there, I have decided to go unconnected, at least to the lap top. So, I'll check in with you Wednesday. In the meantime, have a nice week. Right now, I'm off for a hot bath and a warm bed where hopefully sleep will not only stalk but catch me and keep me through the night. Sounds divine.

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And in case you're wondering (and I know that you are definitely not), I am most certainly missing the little brown dog.

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CreekHiker said...

Ahhhh....Belgium.......Hope you get some chocolate!

ghost said...

and some waffles. i mean, it's belgium for goodness sake. who knows waffles better than they?

Soulful said...

Enjoy Brugge. I was there in 1987 - when I was young and my world held such promise. It is a beautiful place. Who cannot like a town with a lake named "Love?"