Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Two things about today:

1. This afternoon, I visited Europe's oldest shopping arcade which is in Brussels and was built in 1857. While there, I bought chocolates for my friend (you know who you are) from Belgium's oldest chocolatier.

2. This evening, I had a glass of vintage Veuve Cliquot champagne at Europe's longest champagne bar, in the St. Pancras train station, which is in London and a zillion years old but completely re-done and opened in 2007. The seats were heated.


Soulful said...

My life is here and very much the same - although I am about to have some Nog - I am jealous.

Enjoy your trip. You deserve it.

CreekHiker said...

Turning green with envy! Glad you are having a wonderful time and thanks for giving us little glimpses along the way!

Reading said...

Yay me! Chocolate!!!!