Thursday, December 11, 2008

Winter blooms

When I was in college, each November my father would send me a potted Amaryllis bulb and I would set the pot on a window sill and enjoy the path of the growing bulb from tiny green buds breaking through the potting soil to the stalks growing taller and finally the flowers bursting open.

I so thoroughly enjoyed having potted flowers during the holidays that each year I now buy myself a potted bulb and I again enjoy the process of bulb to stalk to flower. This year, I chose the Narcissus, or Daffodil. I missed much of the stalk growing process when I was away but the flowers didn't bloom until I got home. This morning when I awoke I could smell the blooms. In my mind, I can smell them right now. Heavenly.

Winter flowers 006


ghost said...

i printed this out. one of my students is going to paint it.

Velvet Sacks said...

Beautiful! What a nice way to carry on a special tradition.