Sunday, December 28, 2008

Back to 713

This morning I woke up in my own bed, which was wonderful and familiar and cozy and that should tell you that we have returned from New Mexico. Sadly, after studying map after unchanging map, we realized that the only real (time efficient) way to get back to Austin and Houston from our cabin in New Mexico was along the dreadful Highway 285 south through the vast nothingness we endured the week before.

New Mexico Dec 2008 002

For 350 miles. The only difference was the wind. Oh, the wind. It blew so consistent and so strong that I couldn't take my hands from the steering wheel, the entire drive a fight to stay in my lane. And with the wind, the tumbling tumbleweeds being blown across the road. Tumbleweeds were the only punctuation to the otherwise empty scene before us.

New Mexico Dec 2008 012

It was CRAZY BORING. Cheyenne's eyes say it all.

But we survived it and spent the night in the windy ghost town of Pecos and then pushed forward for nine hours to home yesterday.

Ah, home. I have a stack of mail to go through, piles of laundry to wash, an entire duffel bag of sweaters and jeans that I did not wear that needs to be unpacked. (Note to self: Consider making a resolution for 2009 to halt this terrible over-packing syndrome.) My dining table became a landing pad last night. On it is an assortment of dog collars, Christmas gifts, two pillows, one Santa hat and one can of chicken broth. Not sure why that can of chicken broth didn't make it into the pantry last night but it will get there some time today. But not anytime soon though because instead of dealing with any of it, I'm going to turn my back on it all and take a nice long nap.

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Life at Star's Rest said...

Glad you made it home safe and survived the 'windy nothingness'! Carmon