Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Because I'm a sucker this year and surely will be the next

I've been reflecting on the best and the worst of the year, this 2008. I'm going to write about it tomorrow and I thought about drafting it tonight but when I got home I was reminded of something in my life that, year after year, doesn't change and won't change.

Bad Dog 002

Wrong or right (wrong), I love that face, love her mischievousness, her bad-girl-ness.

Bad Dog 001

I'm such a sucker for that guilty facial expression on her face that when I got home this evening I got down on the ground, rubbed her belly and told her that I love her, love her, love her. After I scolded her, of course. But the problem is that she only gets cuter when I scold her and my heart, it just melts. So, after the completely ignored scolding, and the full heart melting, I stood up, opened the freezer and got her a frozen treat. Because I am so darned smitten with her.

I'm weak, okay? I know it. I think in the grand scheme of things that if loving this girl's bad-girl-charm is my weakness, then so be it. Her bad-ness? It tickles me to no end and delights me further than that.

It is what it is. Who charm your socks off?


CreekHiker said...

They do have a way of stealing our hearts, don't they. That bad girl face is a trip. I'd give her kisses and a roll in the floor for sure

Happy New Year to you and Miss Chey. All the best in 09!

Life at Star's Rest said...

Awwww! Coli the Perfect Puppy finally had her downfall by discovering trash raiding. The exact same face...

Happy, happy New Year to you and yours. Carmon

Reading said...

Shiny! Carrie and I melted into hysterics when she ate part of the pound cake off and gave us that same face.

Rising Rainbow said...

OH! I hate when that happens.....especially when there's something slimy in there!

Hope you have a Happy New Year!