Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Bitch, Tramp, Tart, Hussy

Saturday night some of my nearest and dearest friends and I had a dinner celebration for my birthday since I turned 29 when I was in Vermont and they weren't quite sure how I could do that, turn back the clock like I did.

I don't know if it was the fact I was so much younger this birthday than last, or that this bunch was in the cool and air conditioned indoors for the evening rather than our standard sweltering patio dining, or if it's that we all haven't been together since fourth of July, but the mood was happy, I'd even say it was bubbly, and the laughter was musical and pardon me but I admit that I did nothing on Sunday beyond reading the newspaper and watching lame Lifetime television.

Run-on sentences anyone?

Was I really dancing to a rap song Saturday night? Um, yes. Did we really tip the bartender $20.00 to jump over 20 or so songs on the juke box so that we could hear our songs? Yes to that too.

Two of my cards had the title to this post's words in them, in an endearing way. The Bitch was a card that had Happy Birthday Bitch Goddess on the front, and several pink and blue poodles all over it, and that lovely card unfolded into a crown which the giver delighted in making me wear. Don't you just love a friend who delights in making you wear a poodle crown for your 29th birthday?



CreekHiker said...

Glad you had a special birthday Alison!

ghost said...

a spectacular day!!