Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Frame of mind

It's been an unusually long time since I've been here, hasn't it? Hello Comcast connectivity problems. Or, actually, as of this morning, good bye to them. For now.

You know the Hans Brinker story of the little boy with his finger in the damn? Welcome to my present tense. I'm not ready to remove my finger yet because the words, oh the words that would pour like water, without cohesive form and therefore meaning but still flooding the whole place and really who wants to be responsible for a flood? And then there's that whole clean-up business afterwards.

There are not enough mops.

So, yeah. Sometimes life kicks your ass.

Solution? I'm taking off to the cabin for a couple days. I'm not sure if I need to be away from here, or if I need to be there. Either way, I know I can't get there soon enough.


CreekHiker said...

Oh dear! I'm not the only one with "issues?"

Have a great time! Take lots of Chey pics, OK???

Cheekey said...

Always trust the universe when it disconnects you from technology. Enjoy!

ghost said...

but if you need a voice, you know the number.

Life at Star's Rest said...

I think I understand what you are feeling and I wish you peace and resolve in your retreat. Best wishes - Carmon