Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Are we at "E" already?

In my weekly pursuit of the ABCs of life, today is week five of the journey and therefore the letter E, which is for Express thanks

Before I move on to that, I want to backtrack to the letter D for a moment.  Dream.  I wasn't sure about that one and wrote as much. I learned a bit about myself last week.  It's something that apparently you already know.  I am a dreamer.  I got phone calls from a couple friends, comments, and had a couple conversations about it.  Many of my friends saw something in me that I had forgotten.  One said to me, You are always talking about your dreams, about what you want to make or see or do.  You have ideas and inspire others.  You are a dreamer, and you always have been.  I felt the fire ignite again. So, yes, I am a dreamer. I simply had forgotten. Last week I was reminded of it and I tapped into my dreaming self and got things moving again. It felt good to be what I am.

So now we are at the letter E, Express thanks. Feeling gratitude is one thing, expressing it quite another. Expressing it not only shows our appreciation but our connection, and the sincerity gives us just a touch of humility. I believe that a touch of humility is a good thing. I feel gratitude often and I express that gratitude in prayer often. My heart fills up and I let it bubble over in prayer.  Gratitude for lessons, for people, for challenges, for friends and family, and much more.  But, I believe that this credo in the ABCs of life is more along the lines of appreciating others right here along side me, and expressing that.  Out loud.  I believe it is about opening my earthly heart to the kindness and gestures large and small that I see and appreciate, whether for my benefit or the benefit of another. 

I look forward to this week, to keeping gratitude in the forefront of my heart and not only being aware of it but expressing out loud the thanks I feel.  Beginning right here:  To those I know personally and those whom I do not, I thank you for stopping by here on occasion to read my words, to check in with me.  I appreciate that you do this because I enjoy your presence here and I enjoy when you listen and share your thoughts in the comments.  It's a unique form of conversation, I admit, but a wonderful connection you bring to me.  Thank you.

And you?  Are you expressing thanks?


Soulful said...

Thank YOU for being my friend!
I love you.

ghost said...

no. i am not. and i know i should.

shellyg said...

Thank you for reminding me, that being thankful, and expressing thanks are two very different things. This week, as for me, I will practice the art of "expressing" thanks.