Sunday, February 21, 2010


This weekend, on Saturday afternoon, I found myself surrounded by love.  Love that was brand new, between a mother and child, love that was appreciative between a scrappy little adopted dog and her saving human, love that was old and familiar, between two friends who have traveled many paths together, and love between a dog and his mum, a dog who has a new baby in his life and, well, is struggling for a bit of attention and therefore when that lap was empty, he liked to make himself at home.  I don't know what your weekend was like, but as for me, having a Saturday afternoon filled with love both new and familar was, well, lovely.





Seriously, George is making a statement here.  He knows his mum loves him but maybe, just maybe, he is trying to stake claim on his pillow.

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ghost said...

it might seem innocent to an outsider. but look at the gleam in his eye. he knows what he's doing.

the dog. not the baby.