Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cutting in line

I realize that I am late on the next letter on the ABCs of life but I recently spent a weekend with two lovebirds who totally captivated me and I have on my hands one moping dog because they are, sadly, separated once again. The letter this week is F for Forgive and that's some heady stuff that I have to think about before I can write about and, well, I keep looking at my girl and thinking about how much fun she had while her boyfriend stayed with us.  Her boyfriend?  He's a lovely, lovely guy. And the two of them, they go together like peas and carrots.  The letter F will just have to wait.



In a gesture of her affection for him, she let him retrieve and destroy his own stick on Saturday. This behavior on her part is rare, very rare.  He relished his uninterrupted opportunity to destroy on his own


She tiptoed through (and ate) the clover.


They are the prom king and queen of the canine kingdom. What they share is puppy love at its finest.



This picture was taken the day they first met. Did I just hear you say Awwwww Yeah, I thought so.

Tiny Tiny


Reading said...

OMG! I need a copy of their prom photo! It seems like yesterday that they met for the first time when they were so young.

CreekHiker said...

He looks smitten from the day he saw her!

ghost said...

i thought he looked like he was considering a snack, creek.

Anonymous said...

Such cute dogs.

Zoe said...

Too cute!