Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Raising the roof

Yesterday I went to a six year old's birthday party.  It was early evening, and at the celebration were a small group of six adults, and four boys between the ages of six months and six years.  I do not remember the last time I was around four boys between the ages of six months and six years, but WOW.  If we could bottle up just one hour of their combined energy, I have no doubt that we could power the entire state of Texas for at least six months.  Of the 20 photos I shot, not a single one is completely in focus.  It's impossible, these kids move too quickly and their direction of movement is completely unpredictable. 


The above photo is the most in-focus that I have and let's face it, he's six months old.  But just as I snapped the photo, he whipped his head around to explode a huge grin of love and happiness at his Mum.  When I look at this picture of him, I want to give him an award for World's Most Yummy Cheeks.  Seriously, that face!

The birthday boy tried very hard to be patient while the party ate pizza and birthday cake.  He wanted to jump into that pile of presents because afterall, they were all for him!  When the moment came, he was a blur of unwrapping activity, gushing with delight and appreciation, jumping up to give hugs and thank yous, then jumping back into the pile of gifts to open the next one.  It's refreshing to witness such young and unfiltered excitement. 


This is the second birthday party I have been to at this house in the past five days, and the third in the past two weeks.  Each has been different and each has provided me with a moment of gazing around the room or the back yard and smiling because these people and their guests? I like them. A lot. They are my people, my friends, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the celebrations this month. 


Happy birthday, my September friends!


Velvet Sacks said...

Those are some beautiful children! And I think the very slight fuzziness gives the pictures a warm, happy glow.

ghost said...

thats why i dont post more pics of my kids. they are nevr still loing enough for me to get the camera.