Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 10 - The true truth

Day 10 - I'm inserting my own truth here, because soon it will be Thanksgiving, and I have so much gratitude, so much to be thankful for.  I want to say it out loud, or write it out loud.  I want to pour out my heart in no particular order... just love... and I want you to receive it.

Here goes:  For this and these I am so thankful to have had, to have known, to have experienced, lived, to embrace today.

The Lord, my parents, my adoption, my nieces and nephew (my children, my loves), my sister, my heart, my home, Ajax, Diablo, Always Wonder, AUGUSTA, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, True, Alimony, Park Avenue, Govenor Wendell, JC and Tee, Lollipop. Painted wings and giant's rings.  Simplicity I, II and III. Faith, Velvet Sacks, Sandy, Holly, My precious and dark Ghost, Donald, Dee, Pam, Jennifer, Lance, Marianne, Mary Beth, The Carol of Lights, that magic dragon, Puff, Cheyenne, Sean Patrick Trimble, Dakota, Maggie, Thunder, George, Rap, Isaac, Mindy, Piedmont, Joe, Michael (Love!) Shannon, Ursula and Allan, Donna McBrien, Ginny, Donnette, Ali, Paulie, Aunt Mary, Uncle Peter, Uncle Les, Mary, Mindy, Dorothy, Edward, Christine, Sharon, Jan, Carol, Jacqui, Jackie, Carrie, Cassie, Jessie, Catherine, Caroline, Dale, Diane, Calvin, Cindy, Vicky, Joe, Debi, Pete-Linda-Pete, Russell, Sharon, Steve, noble kings and princes, Troy, Linda, Carmon, Llego, looking in the mirror and seeing little Jackie Paper, Brillo, Dorothy, the Polo Club, the Racquet Club, my last job, Suzy, Cleo, Bob, and Bill. My next job, my mind, my feet, my fingers and toes.  This wind on my shoulder and this strand of hair from my head that will not stay in the hairband.  The rustling leaves behind me, the dog bed beside me.  A roof over my head. My beating heart, my polished toes, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Eyore. The wise old Owl. Growing ivy, River Burch, Magnolia, Zach, Zoe and Preston. Croatia, Stavanger, London, the Hill Country, Brighton, Bricktown, Matagorda. All those memories. Mary Ann, Marianne, MaryAnn. My bed, your bed, international flights, Veuve Cliquot, cold bottled Dos XX.  My country, my right to vote.  Fresh citrus, sharp cheese, crisp lettuce. Football, friends and the two together.  Elton John, Santana, Chris Isaac, Fleetwood Mac, The Mavericks, Mazzy Star. Shelly (sigh). The life-long friend who made me brave. Long drives, blue skies, gray skies, buoys, the horizon, the land called Honalee, the blue and white stripes of a sailboat I've loved, Norah Jones, fresh cut grass and fresh baled hay, garage sales, sunburn, freckles, blue lights, sunlight, dappled light, fading light.

George, Paul, John and Ringo.

For these people and these things, and so much more, I am thankful, grateful, humbled to have experienced, to have known in my life, to have heard, to have touched, to have loved.  In ways connected and not so connected, I have appreciated. And I have loved, so deeply, those whose hearts for at least a moment in time, beated in harmony with my own.

Oh, the gratitude I feel. How very blessed I am.


Velvet Sacks said...

You touched my heart with this post, Alison. In fact, you've touched my heart with all your previous posts, too. My God bless your beautiful heart.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

As usual, Velvet gets here first and says it best! Ditto and bravo!

You rock, my dear!

ghost said...

thank you for being my friend, Alison.