Monday, November 01, 2010

Something wonderful this way comes

Good morning November!  Not that I enjoy leaving my beloved October, but this year, this year, I've been waiting for your arrival for months and months.  Nine to be exact.  Because you are the month that will escort the birth of my nephew and his lovely fiancée's first child.  Excited does not do justice to the feeling around here.

Yesterday, my nephew and I assembled a dresser that now stands in the baby's nursery.  While I periodically left him to do the boring parts of the assembly, I snapped some photos of my soon to be niece-in-law's ever expanding belly.  We invited him to join in some of the photos.

Look!  There's a baby in that beautiful belly!

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Velvet Sacks said...

Great pics, Alison. The anticipation of a new baby is always so exciting!

ghost said...

baby bellies like that are just so damn sexy.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it just beautiful? Congrats on being a great Aunt, you're gonna love it :)
Very nice photos.