Thursday, May 19, 2011

Close your eyes and I am with you

Yesterday was my friend Maria's birthday. The world lost the bright light that was Maria's in 2009 to Ovarian Cancer. But I still have her, right here in my heart. I imagine her, feel her, consider her, and love her. I still celebrate her.

Wednesday night, a couple friends and I raised a glass in toast to Maria. And then we started imagining her, up there.  In our imaginings, she was with her sister and her father, and inside I smiled at the thought of that. We took it forward and imagined my father and mother meeting her that evening. My mother was liking her style and my father was, we had no doubt, raising an eyebrow towards her beauty. Martinis and wine were involved.

Together, we imagined them above us, having a grand ol' time receiving our love and dreams. Watching over us and loving us right back.

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