Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A long hot happy weekend

About two and a half hours west of Houston, just south of San Marcos, sits a creamy yellow farmhouse on top of a hill. That farmhouse was where I spent Memorial Day weekend. Well, truth be told, I spent most of my time on the front porch of that farmhouse. In a rocking chair, with a book.  As hot as it was during the weekend, there was a constant breeze on that front porch making it quite comfortable. Add to that the sound of rustling leaves mixed with the constant hum of crickets and cicadas and you have Texas Hill Country perfection.

Of course, I took photos over the weekend.  A whole lot of photos. This week, I'm going to share some of those photos here.

I arrived early Friday afternoon, quickly unpacked my bags and the groceries, filled the indoor and outdoor water bowls for Cheyenne, then stood on the front porch and delighted in the fact that I had absolutely nothing that I had to do until packing up and returning to Houston on Monday.  Family members were not going to arrive until Saturday so Cheyenne and I had the place to ourselves Friday afternoon and evening. Together we strolled the property several times, me exploring the light and her the smells.  We were both pretty happy with what we found.

The farmhouse sits at the top of this long, rocky drive up the hill.


Standing on the front porch, looking left, this is the view.


A back yard reminder of how hot it was.


View from the kitchen window:


View from the front porch screen door, that slapped open and shut all weekend:


Rust and light and weeds, to my delight.


Sunset, Friday evening. 


Except for my phone, which I only used a couple times, it was a completely unplugged weekend.  So very nice.

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