Friday, August 26, 2011

Crescent city break

Last Saturday, I left the whirring fans and ever so slowly drying house, and joined some friends on an eastbound plane and about an hour later, landed in New Orleans. It was hot there, and humid there, and just like here there. But that was fine with me because there was also a hotel room with my name on it there and in that hotel room several things were missing:  1) big loud fans, 2) big loud de-humidifiers, and 3) a puppy who likes to wake me up at the break of dawn each day, which made if very much unlike here.


It was very Zen-like.


Except this temptation was across the street from me.  I admit to spending some time there.  And my time there?  It was money well spent.  So to speak.


But spending two days in a casino is not my thing, especially in New Orleans, so we did step out into the sweltering heat on Sunday for a bit of a wandering here and there. 



Oue meandering led us here, because what's a trip to New Orleans without stopping off for cold Oysters on the half shell and a spicy Bloody Mary at this place? 


When I got back home Monday evening, my house was dry and the moisture remediation company came over and took all those noisy fans and dehumidifiers away.  I was relaxed, had a couple extra dollars in my wallet, some fun memories, and a quiet house. Two days well spent, that's what I think.  Thank you, Crescent city!

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CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Yeah, that "dehumidification" always takes longer than they say it will. I felt like I was losing my mind... Good for you!!!