Sunday, October 16, 2011

A morning for the dogs

After suffering through an entire summer of extreme heat and drought, between my time in Vermont and the current heavenly weather in Houston, I've been delighted to get reaquainted with being outdoors.  Lately, I've been spending my mornings on the front porch, with the front door open and the dogs resting on the porch (Cheyenne) or playing in and tearing up the front yard (Dixie). 

Dixie hasn't been very present here on this site because she simply will not sit still for more than a moment.  This morning, however, I had my camera in hand for a few of those rare moments.


This is a favorite position of hers right before she launches into her Coonhound baying, barooooo rooo rooo.


She starts that baying business and Cheyenne is off the front porch and into house.


And, of course, Dixie follows her.


Linda@VS said...

Your girls are SO beautiful! After all I've been through with Levi, I have to laugh about Dixie tearing up the yard. Hang in there. His Royal Curliness is beginning to settle down.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

I love that last pic!!!