Monday, October 24, 2011

Someone is getting spayed this morning


Bless her heart.  I know it's the right decision and really the only option as a responsible pet owner, but it was so hard on me to take her to the vet this morning. First, she didn't want to get into the car, which has not been an issue in the past at all. Second, during the drive, she stood with her front paws on my leg and her head burried in my chest. And she was shaking. What the heck?  Did she understand my words when I was rubbing her belly last night telling her what we were going to do this morning? Or maybe she was frightened because of the change in her routine, as in no breakfast and a car ride first thing in the morning. 

She was fine once we got to the vet. She trotted right in there and right through the doors behind the technician.  I remember that Cheyenne did the same thing when she got spayed.  Though ever since then?  Not so much. 

Dixie is not one to be happy in her crate if there is activity going on around her (as in my walking downstairs to let her out), so I'm sure the vet's office is not a quiet one at the moment.  Here at home though?  It's very quiet, and Cheyenne seems to be enjoying the absence of her little red friend.  At least one of them is have a good day.


Linda@VS said...

Aw, poor baby. I know you'll be glad to get this over with so you don't have to anticipate it any longer. It's hard to do these necessary things without being able to explain why they have to be done. The good news is that dogs have such loving hearts. They forgive us quickly and go on loving us forever.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

Poor Dixie! I know she will be glad to be home with you girls! And she may be kinda low key for a few days which should make Cheyenne very happy!!!

ghost said...

she doesnt even suspect, does she?