Friday, October 07, 2011

Vermont beauties

When I walk in the morning, I set out down the wooded path of my friend's drive, along the curve of the drive it spills into, and then out of the wooded area and onto a long stretch of road, bordered on one side with beautiful horse pastures, wooden fences and a stately barn.  This morning, the horses had been let out to graze in the pasture that runs alongside the road.



This dappled silver beauty strolled up to the fence and spent some time with me, allowing me to pet her and love on her.  Did you ever read the story, Justin Morgan Had a Horse?  These horses are Morgans, characterized by their expressive faces with wide-set eyes, compact but graceful build, arched necks and that wide round rump. Beautiful, aren't they? They are very popular in this state. My little gray friend is pregnant, soon to add one more to the population!

What I realized during my time with her is that horses are the only thing that make Vermont smell better than it already does.

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Linda@VS said...

Beautiful, both of them. And so elegant in stature.