Sunday, January 01, 2012

A good start

Good morning, and happy new year to you! 

So far, 2012 has been a good year.  It definitely started out nicely.  Dixie, Cheyenne and I set out early this morning for a walk through the quiet streets of the neighborhood.  Because Dixie kept trying to untie my shoes as I was lacing them up before we left the house, I had to stop after a while to lace one up again. When I kneeled down, something in the dirt near the sidewalk caught my eye.  It was a ring. A gold ring, with several sizable emeralds and diamonds. I picked it up and wondered how I would find its owner.  It was near my neighbor's front gate that I found the ring, but the gate was locked. I put it in my pocket and we walked on.

When we circled back and passed the back side of that neighbor's house, I noticed that his garage door was open so I called out hello? He walked out and I held up the ring and asked if he knew who it belonged to. I wish I could show you the smile on his face.  He excitedly called out for his wife and when she came out of the house he told her that I had found the ring. I wish I could show you the smile on her face as well. They had a dinner party over the holidays and the ring belongs to a guest of theirs who lost it when she took off her gloves. Trouble was, she thought she removed her gloves at the front door. Turned out, she did so at the front gate. 

It's a nice start to a new year, finding something that someone lost and being able to return it to them.


Linda@VS said...

What a great story, Alison! And what a wonderful way to start off a brand new year. May this kind of luck walk with you through all the months of 2012. Happy new year!

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

That is a wonderful start to the year!!! Hope 2012 leads you in new and exciting directions!