Sunday, January 08, 2012


On Saturday, I got to pick up Cheyenne and bring her home, where she should be.  Before I could take her home though I met with two veterinarians who were involved in her case.  They gave me a long list of instructions, things to look out for, things to expect, and things that should make me concerned.  Just standard, post-op stuff, nothing alarming but, in particular, watching her incision for any infection, helping her eat slowly and keeping her quiet for the next two weeks. That first one is easy.

She has a 4-inch incision in the shape of a large "C" on the side of her neck.  The stitches are in four layers from her skin to her throat, including her muscle. 


She's breathing like she used to breath a year ago. It's so nice to hear, or not hear is more like it.


Although she's quite mobile, I brought her big bed from upstairs to the living room and brough her upstairs water bowl down as well.  I also brought Dixie to a friend's house, where she'll stay for a couple days so that Cheyenne can have plenty of quiet time.



Today is Sunday and I'm happy to say that she had a great night last night, came upstairs with me, slept half the night on my bed and the other half on her bed, which I had dragged back upstairs. She's been resting quietly all day, inside and also outside on the front porch. She's eating well and breathing normally.  It's made for a quiet and very happy weekend.


CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

So glad your girl is on the mend! That sweet face of her stole my heart long ago and I hate to think of her uncomfortable in any way!

Joy said...

So happy to see your Cheyenne doing well!

ghost said...

such a pretty girl.